5 o’clock is when things go crazy.

If you’ve ever been at the Hub on a night where there is an event, expect to get moved.

There is a buzz, a bit of a frenzy, tablecloths are brought out, tables and chairs rolled, a stage is hauled out and set up from nowhere, music starts playing and a flow people start wandering in.

In less than an hour, Hub the co-working space puts on its evening attire and becomes Hub the event space.  And it’s a amazing metamorphosis.  We’ve had fair trade chocolate tastings, internship faires, advocacy parties, Skillshare classes, Holiday parties, movie showings, and yes, even Thanksgiving dinner.

And if you’ve ever been to one of the over 500 events that have happened at Hub SF, the person behind the scenes making the magic is Calgary Brown.

On her first day here, she made waffles with Tim Nichols to welcome our members to this new space where we barely had any furniture.  There’s a reason why it’s called a start-up.

Today is Calgary’s last day.   In her own words:

Today is my last day with the Hub SF as Events Manager. 2 years ago I didn’t know 100% what I was getting myself into when I accepted my position with Hub Bay Area let alone what I’d being doing for Social Capital Markets 😉 Yes, I knew I’d be managing events and helping to build community, but not to the depth and breath now looking back. I realize that what I have done over the past 2 years, the concepts and topics and I’ve exposed to, the people I’ve met, and the relationships made is not something “normal.” What takes place at the Hub everyday is something very unique and special, and at most is very hard to explain, it’s something you must experience. For those of us who are part of this growing Hub global community, we are designing something that most have never seen before, don’t really understand, has been completely untested, but we all have the passion to run with this idea and “just fucking do it” (JFDI). Change has to start from somewhere. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing team and create an events platform that has showcased some of the most amazing talent in the social innovation/social enterprise space. However, I’m also really thrilled to now have my evenings and weekends back 😉 Thanks for ride!!!!

Two years, over 500 events, tons of friends and an amazing journey.  Thank you Calgary and keep making magic.

Impact Hub Bay Area

Impact Hub Bay Area