[Name]: Jen Boynton

[Organization]: TriplePundit.com

[Area of Expertise]: Media for Sustainable Business

Jen never dreamed of being Editor-in-Chief, but sometimes your passion finds you. She was an MBA student at Presidio Graduate School with no plans of going into business, looking instead to learn ways that the non-profit sector might maximize its reach. But then came Triple Pundit with an opportunity to write, and then she fell in love: “Now that I’m in it, I love the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I wasn’t necessarily planning to do that, but I think it really suits me…I wake up excited to do my work, so you can’t ask for more than that.”

Jen is the Editor-in-Chief of Triple Pundit, a media platform for conversations about sustainable business. Abbreviated “3p”— denoting the triple bottom line’s concerns for “people, profit, and planet”—it frames daily topics of interest about small businesses, entrepreneurs, and decisions made by larger companies with commentary delivered from the standpoint of sustainability. The triple bottom line is a relatively new concept, referencing the fact that the financial bottom line is not the only one companies need to think about, and Triple Pundit serves as a public voice that incorporates its socially-conscious values into the everyday discourses surrounding business.

Recent article titles on TriplePundit.com includeChicken Fat…to Fuel US Navy Ships in 2012,” “Why Second-Hand Shopping Isn’t Truly Guilt-Free,” “‘Forbes’ Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs List Lacks Social Entrepreneurs,” and “Fox News Viewers the Most Uninformed About Current Events, Including Climate Change.” Proposed child labor laws, green award ceremonies, the recent “Bank Transfer Day” and a Chevrolet Volt catching on fire are all feed and fodder for what has become one of the world’s most read websites on responsible business.

The site was founded by Nick Aster. Prior to Triple Pundit, Nick developed the online face of Mother Jones magazine and helped start TreeHugger.com, the most popular environmental website in the world. After all that, he was inspired to start something of his own. Notes Jen,

“Nick’s background has been in online media for a very long time…He was perusing an MBA in sustainable business at the same time he was working for TreeHugger and wanted to find a place to talk about all of the issues around sustainability that he was studying in school. He didn’t see any conversations like that happening online. So, the idea was: TreeHugger for the sustainable business community, and the rest is history.”

More than a news outlet, Triple Pundit is an open forum that allows contributors, guest posters and commenters to actively participate in on-going discussions on issues that question business practices of today. They publish an average of 10-15 articles per day, one of which can be your very own. Jen welcomes guest contributions from Hub members interested in reaching their growing readership of 200,000 readers per month. If you’d like to contribute, contact Jen at jen@triplepundit.com.

Their conversations have been going strong for six years now with recent partnerships attesting to the site’s growing ethos. They have just announced a merger with Sustainable Industries, a small, print-based media company that is looking to increase its online presence. In addition to this, 3p has partnered with companies from Abbott Pharmaceuticals to UPS to Microsoft to help them tell their sustainability stories. With such collaborations, Jen anticipates more opportunities for Triple Pundit to have a greater impact: “To know that we can have those in-roads with big companies, that’s where we’re looking to broaden our reach: to help companies, large and small, to improve and become more sustainable.”

Triple Pundit recognizes that it has no “right” answers as sustainability is ever-evolving, but it strives to be a space where dialogues on these topics can intelligently and passionately take place: “It’s a great place for daily and weekly information about this very niche topic that we’re all passionate about,” says Jen, “So, whether you come everyday, whether you just subscribe to the newsletter, it’s a great place to get insight and ideas about our industry, and also a great place to share your own information if anyone is interested in blogging. You should come and blog, too!”

Triple Pundit holds Free Social Media Office Hours for small companies every 3rd Thursday of the month, alternating between the Hub’s SoMa and Berkeley locations. Feel free to drop-in and chat with Jen; she’d be happy to provide any advice her years of experience in sustainable management and online media has to offer bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

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Jasen, Your Hub Stories Writer

Jasen Talise is an intern writer for the Hub Bay Area. He is a fourth year studying Rhetoric and Theater at the University of California, Berkeley. His interests range from existential philosophy, competitive hip hop dance, to the culinary arts. This past year, he was a contributing writer for Issues: The Berkeley Medical Journal.