Hey Hubbers,

Well, you guys asked for Giants playoffs on the wall, and we brought you the World Series. One more way in which Hub Staff work to give you what you truly need:) Along side the Fall Classic coming back, we are also celebrating our 1 year anniversary over in Berkeley! Tickets are free to members, but please RSVP here: http://hubmiration.eventbrite.com/ and use the discount code Hubtastic. There will be food, drinks and a special raffle for attendees and we would love all of you to join.

Do you have an Apple computer? Judging by my daily view, 80% of you do. We’ve recently cut a deal with Apple to get all Hub members a 7% discount on all Apple products through their small business program. If this is of interested to you, then please reach out to sanfranciscobusiness@apple.com and ask for Jenna. She is their Business Coordinator and will schedule a team member to meet you at the Apple store for a business consultation to ensure you get the 1:1 attention and you need.

Brown Bags and Hub Labs:

  • Today!!! at 12pm in the Lighthouse, A Field of Photos: Organic & Sustainable Farming in Brazil & Hawaii (with Vanessa Moutinho & Kate Seely) This project started in Rio de Janeiro in January 2010 and  continued to Hawaii to connect the suppliers and consumers of the only organic food co-op in the city. Both the photographer and the agricultural workers shot images of the land and their work. Although the climate and the soil in both islands provide conditions to grow the same kind of food, their different social and spiritual histories have influenced people to build different ways to relate with each other and the land. Join the Hub Local Food Group representative Kate Seely & Brazilian photographer and grassroots organizer Vanessa Moutinho on this journey, discussing how to connect people worldwide to take better care of our home.
  • Thursday, October 28 at 12 pm: Best Practices using CRM and CMS systems for your Organization with Sharon Hay: RSVP: http://crmcmssystemslab.eventbrite.com/ Proper use of Contact Management, Sales, Lead Generating and Customer Retention Systems  will effect your daily productivity and bottom line. Using CRM and CMS systems are crucial for driving revenue and scalability to your organization. Your customer relationship management system is the engine that allow you to work efficiently and develop sustainable, duplicable systems that deliver long term profit to your business.

Some of you may have seen the blog postings around Communications for start-ups (just scroll down the blog if not;). Kelli Peterson is working with a group of communication specialists to address the needs of the Hub organizations looking for help with their marketing strategy. If you have a question that you would like them to address, please email Kelli at <kellipeterson@mac.com>

Finally Jeff over in Berkeley has asked me to let you know about the sneak preview of the Story of Stuff: Story of electronics. If you would like to atend this special screening, please rsvp here: http://storyofstuffsneakpeek.eventbrite.com/

Of everyone who reads this, I like you the best.


Impact Hub Bay Area

Impact Hub Bay Area