Compathos Film with Social Impact – “I AM” screening with director Tom Shadyac

Compathos Film with Social Impact Series, SF Premiere of “I AM” will be screening @ HUB SoMa, October 15.  “I AM”, #3 in the fall series, was created by Tom Shadyac, director of comedic blockbusters (Bruce Almighty, The Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective).  Tom’s new film was inspired by a personal accident which caused him to seek the meaning of life and question the “American Dream.” Tom interviews 18 renown sages, scientists, thinkers and doers in his quest to find another side to human nature. As we examine our culture of consumption and find new paradigms of connectedness and kindness, we will be truly richer for it.

I am (no pun intended) fascinated by “life 180 stories” – stories of how people’s life direction suddenly shifts by a personally transformative experience – a.k.a. wake up call.  Despite Shadyac’s huge professional and financial achievements, something was amiss. Isn’t success equated with happiness?

Perhaps this post recession era offers the unique opportunity to reflect on our commercial, collective and individual actions. Hopefully responsibility and accountability will become the mantra of our times, as shifts in attitudes are surfacing everywhere, even Hollywood.  Film that inspires and transforms, creates the opportunity to reflect on a positive approach and hope for the future, while giving viewers the tools to embark on the epic journey of world change.  Shadyac is extremely passionate about this mission and it is apparent in his “I AM” documentary, which we will be screening Friday evening.

Hint: seating is limited, so RSVP and get there early to meet the director and secure your seat.

HUB SoMa,  Oct 15, 7:00 pm


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