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TRUTH about what is. CLARITY about what will be.

You want to change the world and Spiritual Workout™ wants to be sure you have all the bases covered. When your everyday consciousness is as high as it can be, your entrepreneurial spirit will flow through you unimpeded and the world will, indeed, change! That’s why ImpactHUB/SF and Spiritual Workout are teaming up to offer this consciousness training on a weekly basis, free of charge.  First come, first served: the class is limited to 15.  Come early to guarantee your spot.

How It Works

We train with material from whatever’s happening in your life and the life of your business at the time so in every class a hand goes up, an issue is presented (e.g., I’m freaking out about money; My confidence is shaky; I’m not getting along with someone; Our team is struggling with vision; etc. — anything at all) and practice seeing what it all looks like through the lens of any of these 15 universally spiritual concepts:

Be Compassionate • Beliefs Matter • Be Present • Choices Abound • Everything Is Energy • Have an Attitude of Gratitude • Intentions Matter • Judgments Separate Us • Listen to Inspiration • Mind and Body Are Connected • Take Responsibility • We Are All Connected • We Are Here for a Reason • We Belong to the Planet, Not the Planet to Us

That’s the practice! We take as many topics as we can and it’s inspiring to see how everyone learns from the experiences of others.

Some Hurrahs from November 2013

“I enjoyed that there was no pre-set curriculum and…he was able to lead us to discover our own interests and help to dig deeper into them. The concepts were simple, but having immediate implementation of those concepts was profound.”
“I really believe in and support you in what you’re doing with Spiritual Workout. I believed in it before I met you, but hadn’t found anyone who embodies and conveys these principles in quite the same way as you…”
“I was able to pinpoint a limiting belief, and do some work right then to see just how deep it ran. After the workshop ended, I had learned enough in one hour to keep the internal work going. I’ll be back for more!”

Facilitated By Steven Morrison

Steven is a former corporate hack, former psychotherapist, and 20-year solo-preneur whose experiences propelled him into creating Spiritual Workout,™ training for the conscious mind. Anchoring ancient ideas like being present and compassionate and taking responsiblity into the nitty gritty of everyday life is his stock-in-trade. He is convinced that consciousness like this is what it takes to solve ALL of our problems and he is particularly passionate about working with entrepreneurs whom he calls the artists of the business community. Steven is excited to be bringing his work to SF and launching, from here, The Consciousness Co., a consulting firm for the same work.

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Impact Hub Bay Area

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Date & Time

08/25/2014 | 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Impact Hub San Francisco


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for Non Members: Free

Updated on 11 August 2014