Just like people decide what they think about you in the first 7 seconds, they decide whether they are going to bother reading your writing in a glance. This workshop will help you craft potent written business communication that attracts and impresses bosses, instructors and colleagues.

Skills Addressed

• Understanding reader expectations and comprehension process
• Designing for visual appeal
• Constructing clear graphics
• Creating logical flow
• Leveraging the mini-executive summary approach
• Using fewer words to communicate more


• (2) 4-hour sessions on February 1 and 8, 2014 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm
• Will include lecture, discussion and practice. Practice work can be customized to satisfy other school or work requirements
• The following book is highly recommended as it is the basis of the concepts being taught and demonstrates them well:
Power Language, Effective Communication for Executive Development by Kris Rose. ISBN: 9781581528107, Copyright: 2011 (or 2009), Publisher: Copley Custom Publishing (Division of XanEdu). Available through the Dominican University of California bookstore, 415-485-3251.

About the Instructor

susan BriskiSusan Briski is an experienced consultant, educator, manager and engineer with sustainability expertise. She has her Green MBA and has been consulting and teaching about sustainable business practices for almost 10 years. Her teaching includes business writing and presenting. Susan also has 20 years experience at large high tech firms as a manager and engineer.


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For more information, contact Simone Kujau at simone.kujau@presidioedu.org

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Event Organizers

Presidio Graduate School


Date & Time

02/08/2014 | 13h00 to 17h00


Impact Hub San Francisco, Boardroom Meeting Room


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: $25

Cost for Non Members: $25

Updated on 22 January 2014