This Inspiring Space is The Breathe Living Wall by DIRTT, currently on display at the HUB San Francisco. The living walls, filled with lovely green foliage, bring the beauty and benefits of nature indoors.

HUB SF members not only benefit from the inspiration of plants in this installation, but also get a kick of extra oxygen while they work! Breathe is a modular, sustainable and flexible living wall system. It provides the detoxifying properties, aesthetics and extra oxygen of plants, without using up precious real estate.  These self-contained troughs sit flat against the wall and use gravity to send water through the system. Pretty, neat, and easy to maintain!


Because each plant sits in its own pot, the living wall stays healthy and designers are free to create the look and feel they want. So, take a deep breath and look at this beautiful and healthy installation when you come in to the HUB SF!  For more information on the Breathe Living Wall, visit