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CODE2040 hackathon


There will be 1MM software jobs unfilled by 2020, threatening our country’s ability to remain competitive. By the year 2040, the US will be majority-minority with 42% being Black or Latino/a, yet they only make up about 9% of the tech workforce.

The wage gap in the US is just as bleak with one engineer making more than the combined income of the average Black and Latino/a household in the US – that’s $77K vs $32K + $37K (respectively).

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Sexy Salad

Join us for a fabulous community meal – only $5 per person. Eat with the group or enjoy your fresh meal in solitude! A bit about our chef extraordinaire: Barbara Hanna, Ph.D., is a Technologist, and Innovator, who is passionate…

Wine Down

Join us as we close out the work week and welcome the weekend! Member mingle, beverages, and happiness abound.…

Spiritual Workout for Entrepreneurs (and Those Who Work with Them)

SPIRITUAL WORKOUT™ FOR ENTREPRENEURS (and Those Who Work with Them) TRUTH about what is. CLARITY about what will be. You want to change the world and Spiritual Workout™ wants to be sure you have all the bases covered. When your…


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